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The Golden Circle of my life.

Howdy partner!

I am Ankur Rander. I am a `Jugaadu’. {ju-gaa-duu}.

Jugaad is an Indian word which means “frugal, flexible, and inclusive approach to problem solving and innovation even with lack of resources. It’s a way of life in India. Sort of a tinkerer. A grade designer, B grade copywriter, Ad-hoc coder, I can move things around, sketch and paint, shoot quick films, make quick prototypes from card boards or motherboards, once I made a talking plant. I play squash and love electronic music. I like to blur the lines between marketing, positioning, strategy and creative. I am a thinker and a maker.

I love to make random collaborations with people which leads me to new discoveries. I want to create stories that everyone is proud of and contribute in evolving this world. I love advertising to the core but I want to look beyond advertising in order to make it meaningful in todays world. I want to be surrounded by creative machines and I love the feeling of cracking a great idea from simple human insights and can’t wait to make it happen. Somehow my interest in human beings, fine arts and technology comes together this way. This is why I am doing what I am doing.

As of now there is a high chance I am just wandering around in the city for inspiration because Tokyo is crazy, flips my brain upside down.
Book a dinner with me here : I can cook real spicy Indian curry for you. Here is an interactive story of my life: