Making of The Planet of Me

I began doing this as an experiment around story telling. I started doing some sketches around my life recollecting all the moments and stories that have made me who I am today and thinking more about the Golden Circle of my life. What? How? and Why has everything happened the way it has and so on. Then I read these lines somewhere “If I tell you it’s an essay, If I show it to you it’s a story”. These lines struck me and I decided to show my story. On the other hand I love painting and sketching so it was fun to make all these illustrations. The other reason for doing this project was to experiment with and learn animations with jQuery and use HTML5 and CSS3 to achieve smoother results. There were lot of challenges of course from keeping the illustrations as close as possible to the stories they represented, making a small file size looping video of the clouds so that it loads quickly, different devices it would support, how to display the work, to keeping it interesting for the user. I just wanted to try out all this. There are many other things I wanted to do which you can see in my sketches and early versions you can see below, but like every other time it never turns out exactly the way you thought. One thing I really wanted to do was use the Super Mario type tele-transportation from one scene to the other but then there is time and a budget for everything until you make it big. So I kept to the minimum viable product keeping in mind the time I had for this along with all the other craziness going on at Hyper Island. At the end I learnt a lot doing it and was a lot of fun. Thanks to my friends Rishika Jolly and Paer Henrikson for making it possible.

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