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The Musical Window

Brief : This is an experimental side project digging deeper into the possibilities of interaction in the physical world.

Concept : With my growing love for physical computing and beyond screens I started experimenting with some stuff. I wanted to make a window where people could interact with and thought of a music shop window I cross everyday on our way to school. The idea is to attract people on the street to interact with this window which consists of 6 different instruments which form one song. The user can play and stop each instrument trying to make the best combination possible. In this whole experience they get to learn how different instruments sound and thus implying all these instruments are available in that music shop. This is the quickest working prototype I have made in 5 hours. 140 lines of code, paper, wires, a friends window and a MakeyMakey. This is just the beginning of my love for physical computing. Next up I want to include projections on the window and show each instrument when you press the icon for it on the window. It could be extended to so many things. I am excited. I learnt something new. The biggest learning is that until you don’t experience something you can’t feel it because the feeling of playing with those buttons was amazing. It opens my mind to new possibilites.

My Role : Concept & Programming
A side project by : Ankur Rander, Enio Sarjavr, Mathias Erikson